Managed accounts

Together, we can help create the opportunity for a lifetime of financial well-being. With TIAA’s managed accounts programs, you gain a life-long investing partner.1
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Get the basics

A dedicated team delivers a tailored solution for you

Get the basics

TIAA makes managing your portfolio simple

Turn your financial plan into reality. We’ll assemble the right team of financial specialists and apply a professional investment approach to manage your portfolio so you can focus on other things.
Learn more about investment solutions that are as individual and diverse as you are.
Built to Perform
Your tailored portfolio will evolve as you seek to grow and draw upon your wealth.
All About You
Your lifestyle, goals and personal preferences are the basis of your portfolio.
A Purposeful Process
Our wealth management approach helps you stay the course and reduce the likelihood of unintended outcomes.
Working with us

Your Individual Advisory Services team

Your TIAA advisor and client relationship consultant are your primary contacts. For more complex needs, including trusts and managed account services,2 your advisory team can call on specialists in other areas.
TIAA Options

A life-long financial partnership

As your life changes, so do your financial needs. We focus on your complete financial picture, as you work with us, through all your life stages – whether you’re looking to build wealth, draw upon it or leave it to heirs or a charitable cause.

Throughout your career

With our managed account services, we will review your account regularly to help your plan stay on track with your goals.2


Into retirement

We help you develop an income strategy to confidently live the life you worked so hard to achieve.

Throughout retirement

We’ll continue to tailor your portfolio to help you maintain your lifestyle, preserve wealth and leave a legacy in alignment with your goals.
Chart showing 95%

We retain 95%* of our managed accounts clients by continuing to provide value, personalized advice and expertise.

*Based on an average of separate TIAA annual client retention data for Portfolio Advisor and Private Asset Management.

The value of a professionally managed account

Personalized approach

We tailor your investment portfolio based on what matters to you. Based on our understanding of your ambitions, we construct an investment strategy aligned to your goals.

On-going evaluation

With managed account services, investment professionals analyze the securities in your portfolio daily, and adjusts it for you if any investments no longer meet stringent investment criteria.
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Discover more


Individual Advisory Services

Get personalized advice and guidance for every stage of your financial life.

Personal trust services

We make sure your assets are invested, managed2 and distributed according to your wishes.

TIAA Personal Portfolio

A new way to invest online that helps fit your values, goals, and style.
The Giving Fund

TIAA Charitable Giving Fund

A simple, tax-savvy way to make a bigger impact with your charitable giving.
1 Nothing on this page is intended to, nor should it be construed to, suggest the creation a legal partnership or joint enterprise.
2 TIAA-CREF managed account services provide discretionary investment management services for a fee.